Our Virtual Taproom

The Toad has always been one of those breweries that beer hunters love to find. The small, out-of-the-way spot that you discover when you visit a new town and search for a great place to try some truly local beer. Well, our virtual taproom is the next best thing and has some real advantages for those looking to discover those awesome breweries, but a little closer to home.

Forget the long drive to get there, and forget the even longer drive to get home because we’ll do it for you. Our virtual taproom focuses on beer and breweries that are a little too far to reach on a Sunday drive and intimate enough that you won’t find them in your local stores. In short, we bring the brewery to you.

Why a virtual taproom, can’t you just tap it?
We could, but there are some costs associated with getting these hand-picked small brewery beers. Since they’re not in distribution, the quantity of beer we can get is sometimes limited and we have to travel to get the beer. It can get pricy for our customers to buy this beer from us if we just tap it. Instead, we go straight from the keg to the can and eliminate all the waste associated with running through long tap lines and over-pouring. You still get to try these outstanding beers at a reasonable price, and just think of the gas money you save!

We hope you’ll enjoy exploring Colorado breweries in a whole new way.

You won’t find too many choices in the virtual taproom because we generally get one or two beers at a time from a specific brewery, and offer them until they’re gone. Then we start the search for the next great brewery and beer we want to feature here. 

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